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The fee is non refundable and charged through credit/debit card.

Application can be rejected without any reason.

All under 18 require an adult companion.

Under 18 are not allowed to enter the Harmain Sharifains. Therefore, they cannot perform Umra or congregational Salah inside the Harmain or within its courtyards and boundary. Validity of visa is one year allowing multiple entries.

Health insurance is an added component of the visa.

In case of rejection, passport can be submitted to Saudi Consulate who may assist in issuing the visa with fresh payment OR reject again. No explanation on the rejection is given. This will incur cost of travelling twice to the Saudi Consulate.

If the applicant is a national of the approved 49 countries and has dependant/s holding other nationality, s/he can request the Saudi Consulate to issue the visa. This will incur additional cost of travelling twice to the Saudi Consulate.

A non UK spouse of a UK national, if wishing to travel with the spouse, will be charged extra for the cost and work involved in applying for their visa/s.

You will need to complete the “Maqeem” form, online, downloadable from any Saudi government sites or from Saudi Airline’s website. Without this you will be quarantined for 10 days in a hotel in Saudi Arabia upon your arrival and for which you will be charged.

All applicants must have a suitable android hand set or an iphone for downloading the Tawakkalana app, Ettimarana app for use in Saudi Arabia.

These app has to be activated once the Saudi immigration is cleared.

The app shows “immune” status and which must be shown if wishing to enter any site, shops, hotels, restaurants or public or private places.

To perform Umra, join congregational Salah in the Grand Mosque or perform Salah in the Rawdah of The Prophet’s masjid or to offer salutation prior permit must be acquired using the Ettimarana app.

Umra permit is generated 72 hours after immigration clearance and is for just one entry with three hours to complete the Umra.

A second application to perform another Umra cannot be made before sixteen days since first Umra.

Once the tawaf is done follow by the salah for tawaf, the security will move you on towards the Masa for you to do the Sai.

If, in between the tawaf, or imminent after tawaf the next congregational salah is due, you can stay in secluded area of Mataf and join the Salah.

You will then move to masa and complete your Sai.

After Sai, security will move you out of the Haram if they spot you hanging around unless the next congregational salah is imminent.

You will need permit to offer congregational salah using the Ettimarana app. This slot is not readily available and can take upto three weeks to obtain just for one salah only.

You can apply for any further salah slot or umrah slot using the Ettimarana app.

The Prophet’s Masjid is open from Tahajjud salah time and shut soon after Esha congregational salah.

Entry, for the five congregational salah, in the Prophet’s Masjid is un-restricted and you are allowed to spend as much time as you wish inside the masjid in between the salah.

Permission is required if you wish to pray inside the Rawdah section or wish to make ziarah of the Rawdah using the Ettimarana app.

Those travelling on an Umra visa cannot take their dependants who are under 18 as they will not be granted the umra visa.

All of the terms, above, also apply to those travelling on an umra visa.


We are not responsible for your health nor to acquire the PCR tests.

We are not responsible for the two Saudi Apps required for your Covid immunity pass known as Tawakkalana App. You will have to download that on your android handset yourself.

Likewise, we are not responsible for the Entry Permit App, known as Ettimarana. You will have to download that on your android handset yourself.

We will not be responsible for downloading and completing the “Maqeem” forms which is available online from The Saudi Arabian Airlines website.

We will not be responsible for activating the two apps once you clear the immigration upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

We will not be responsible for acquiring the permit to perform your umra, permit to enter the Grand Masjid ul Haram for congregational salah or entering the Prophet’s Masjid for salutation in its Rawdah section.

A PCR test, 72 hours before your return to UK, will be arranged only in Makkah. If your return is from Madina, then you will have to arrange and pay for it.

The hotels, in your chosen package, are not changeable.

The package is exclusive of airline flight, unless we are arranging it, and it is your responsibility to ensure your arrival and departures coincides with the dates your rooms are booked. Any early arrival or late departures will incur cost payable by you.

Unless your travel is with a group or we have agreed to provide transport, all internal transfers are to be arranged and paid by you.

Unless you are part of a group, mazaarats or site seeing trips are not included in your package.

Your package is with bed and breakfast only unless we have agreed half board meal in the hotel you are booked with.

Your tourism visa includes medical cover. However, that is specifically for major illness or emergency only. You will have to pay for treatment of minor ailments.

Due to Covid, you must ensure you are at the airliners check in counter well in advance of the flight departure time as there are long queues and lengthy inspection time of your travel documents and medical certificates.

Should you miss your flight or are refused boarding, for any reason, you will not be refunded the money paid for your package.

A booking charge, of £25, will be deducted as per ATOL Rule, if you book a package and cancel that soon after.

Full payment of the package is required at the time of your booking.

Refund of money, should you cancel your booking, will be on a staggered basis depending on the time scale of your booking and your departure. Please visit our website for the full Terms & Conditions.