atol iata national pilgrimage organisers association

Hajj and Umrah Rules


All umra pilgrims will be allowed their first entry, in each new umra season, free visa. They will have to pay the mofa charges nevertheless.

Anyone wishing to perform another umra within the prevailing season will have to pay Saudi Riyals 2000 for their visa.

Umra Visa is issued bearing an endorsement of 30 days stay. That, however, does not mean a stay of 30 days is allowed. It means the pilgrim must enter and leave within the days validity and must have a pre arranged package.

The Saudi government encourages pilgrims to acquire a health and travel insurance before they travel for their pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.


It is very likely that those who have performed a haj already before may have to pay a haj visa fee of Saudi Riyal 2000.